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Northgate Primary School

Northgate Primary School

Art and Design

Art and Design statement of intent  

By the time they leave Northgate we aim for our children to; 

Freely express their creativity by experimenting with different techniques and media and to understand that everyone’s ideas and creations are valid and valued. 


Our curriculum for Art and Design aims to develop creativity and skills as well as enrich the children's experiences of learning through the various art forms.  

Art is an ongoing process through which all children are given opportunities to develop specific skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to work in variety of media, style and form. It enables children of all abilities to use their creative imagination to achieve their potential with guidance and given criteria.  

 Across the school Art is linked closely and meaningfully to other areas of the curriculum through a Creative Curriculum approach. We believe that this not only ensures quality learning experiences for the children but also broadens their multi-cultural experiences and understanding of the world and its diversity.